Little Ashé in your store

With the LITTLE ASHÉ organic rag dolls you can make your toy range more diverse!

Discover the wonderful world of LITTLE ASHÉ, the creative children's doll provider in the field of diversity that makes the hearts of little ones beat faster!

As a LITTLE ASHÉ partner, you benefit from our reputation as a pioneer in inclusive toys. Our dolls are of the highest quality and delight children all over the world. By adding LITTLE ASHÉ products to your range, you give parents the opportunity to offer their children inspiring and educational toys that also support their unique identity.

At LITTLE ASHÉ we understand that toys should not only be fun, but also make a valuable contribution to the development of young minds. That is why we offer a wide range of dolls with different skin colours. Our dolls not only contribute to the well-being and strengthen the identity formation of children, but also reflect our diverse society.

LITTLE ASHÉ's diverse dolls allow children to explore the beauty of differences and develop understanding, tolerance and empathy. By reflecting the diversity of people, we create an inclusive environment in which every child feels accepted and represented. Our organic rag dolls are aimed at all children, regardless of skin color.

Together we can meet the needs of our society. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with LITTLE ASHÉ! Together we will capture the hearts of children and make a positive change in the world.

We contribute to a conscious consumption of children’s toys by

  • avoid mass production,
  • ensure a plastic-free value chain and
  • Ship climate-neutrally.

  • "I think your ideas and the intention behind the dolls are wonderful! They are not only beautiful, but finally give every child the opportunity
    for identification. I have been involved in prejudice-conscious education for a long time and therefore particularly appreciate your work."

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