Our Story

"When I was looking for a black doll for my niece's birthday, I couldn't find anything on the toy market in Germany that met my requirements: The doll should be made of organic material, fairly manufactured, high quality with attention to detail and traceable and sustainable production. The LITTLE ASHÉ team recognized the shortage in the toy industry and set up its own production and sales that meet the high requirements. We are the first Afro-German toy manufacturer in Germany."

(David Amoateng – CEO of LITTLE ASHÉ)

Ashé: Make things happen and produce a change

“Ashé” is a very old philosophical concept from West Africa.

David, social economist and founder of the company, is driven by the idea of ​​offering children toys that represent their individual diversity. They should enable them to identify with the dolls and promote diversity in all children - regardless of skin color. As a visionary and initiator, he is committed to creating an inclusive toy world. He founded the company in 2020.

Gideon, co-founder and production manager in Ghana, brings his expertise in the production of first-class products. He ensures that LITTLE ASHÉ dolls are made from organic materials while meeting the highest quality standards.

The LITTLE ASHÉ team has not only built a mission, but also its own value chain with a production site in Akim Oda, Ghana. There we have established a close collaboration with 20 talented employees who contribute their extensive expertise in tailoring. This local production allows us to ensure that LITTLE ASHÉ dolls are made with great attention to detail and craftsmanship - and under fair conditions.

Sue, as art director and product designer, gives the LITTLE ASHÉ dolls their unique personality. Her passion for design and her creative eye make her work so valuable. She brings innovative ideas and designs the LITTLE ASHÉ products with great attention to detail and a high aesthetic standard.

Josefine is the marketing manager of LITTLE ASHÉ. With her expertise in marketing strategies and her ability to understand target groups, she makes a significant contribution to the company's success. She develops innovative marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the LITTLE ASHÉ brand and to reach out to potential customers.

The LITTLE ASHÉ team brings together their talents and many other great people who are committed to supporting us on our journey to make a meaningful difference in the toy industry. Together, they all strive for an anti-racist way of working in all areas of LITTLE ASHÉ and beyond. With their determination and commitment, they work to create positive change and improve the toy offering for children worldwide.

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We source our organic fabrics from GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified retailers. We process the fabrics into high-quality cuddly dolls in our own production facility in Ghana. These are then stored in Germany by Stiftung Mensch, packaged and shipped all over the world.

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