Social & sustainable production

LITTLE ASHÉ, the first Afro-German toy manufacturer, is proud to have established a sustainable production facility that we operate with love and commitment in Akim Oda, Ghana. Our production facility includes two tailor shops that currently employ 20 people.

A central principle of LITTLE ASHÉ is to keep the supply chain in our own hands in order to create value where it is created: namely in production in Ghana. Through this direct control, we can ensure that our employees are paid fairly and earn above the average wage. We believe that empowerment is not just a buzzword, but should be lived.

At LITTLE ASHÉ, we support our team with individual grants to meet their specific needs. In addition, we offer comprehensive insurance benefits and provide housing options. We believe that career advancement is important and offer our employees the opportunity to develop within the company.

A key aspect of our sustainable production is the involvement of our employees in the design of the production processes. We value their experience and expertise and use their ideas to continuously improve our work processes. We believe that their involvement helps to create a positive working environment and produce high-quality products that meet the needs of our "customers", the children.

The LITTLE ASHÉ team is proud to have established a sustainable production facility in Akim Oda where we not only produce high-quality children's toys, but also have a positive impact on the lives of our employees. We firmly believe that fair pay, empowerment and the involvement of our seamstresses in the production process are the keys to our success.

Here you can see in the video where and how your soft play and cuddly doll is made in Ghana – with added value for everyone involved in the process.

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