Various dolls in daycare centers

Children are diverse.
So it should be their toy too!

Why a child’s doll?

A child's doll offers significant educational value. By playing with dolls, children can develop important social and emotional skills. By feeding, dressing and caring for the doll, they learn responsibility, empathy and care. Interacting with the doll also allows children to improve their communication skills, develop their imagination and play role-play. Playing with a doll also promotes fine motor skills, as children hold the doll, move it and dress and undress it. Children can transfer their own experiences and emotions to the doll and thereby better understand and process their feelings. A child's doll is therefore a valuable educational tool that meaningfully supports the holistic development of childr

For more diversity in kindergarten

Promoting diversity through diverse toys is about showing children a world that is so unique and as diverse as themselves and the people they see around them. Through this education, children can both feel represented in the toy and learn to be tolerant, respectful and inclusive. This helps them to shape their relationships with themselves and others positively throughout their lives.

Bring the various LITTLE ASHÉ organic rag dolls to your kindergarten!

Experience the magical world of LITTLE ASHÉ rag dolls in your daycare center! Our diverse and high-quality dolls are not only cuddly soft, but also encourage children's imagination and creativity. We carefully make all of the cute rag dolls by hand. They are made from natural materials that are non-toxic and safe.

We have already supplied over 200 daycare centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Your daycare center should also address the issue of diversity. Offer children an educationally valuable experience with the diverse, high-quality fabric dolls from LITTLE ASHÉ and create a playful learning environment in which children can develop freel!

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