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LITTLE ASHÉ gift voucher

LITTLE ASHÉ gift voucher

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For friends or relatives: With the LITTLE ASHÉ gift voucher you can give our handmade friends to your loved ones quickly and easily.

  • Give gifts to parents and children at the same time
  • Free choice of all dolls & clothing
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Code will be sent by email immediately after ordering

The adults are also happy
For parents, children are the greatest treasure in the world. We know how happy the little ones are when they unpack their new companion – but the adults usually grin the biggest.

Which doll fits best?
The voucher can be redeemed for all products available in the shop. If you have it, you can choose your favorite at your leisure.

There is always a reason
As a gift for a birthday, baby shower, Mother's or Father's Day or just because...

Order your voucher now and make others happy!

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